As this trying year is quickly winding down to a close, most of us are frantically gearing up for end of the year celebrations. This means holiday parties and gatherings. Unfortunately, this also means that carpets will be exposed to wine and food spills as well as the wettest, muddiest, snow of the year. Give your floors a little extra love before the in-laws arrive and party-proof your carpet – and while you’re at it, couches, chairs and anything that’s upholstered – using these tips!

  • Use doormats: Much of the damage done to carpets can be halted at the source – the front door. It is essential to have doormats outside and inside the entrances to your home (don’t forget the backdoor, if you have one). This will prevent guests from getting mud, dirt, etc., on your carpets which we can assume were a pretty big investment in your home.
  • Clean up spills immediately: Act quickly to clean up small stains before they set into your carpet. Blot liquid spills with a dry rag starting on the outside of the spill. Then, gradually work your way towards the center of the stain.
  • Don’t bring food or drinks onto carpeted areas: Require your party guests that they eat their snacks in non-carpeted areas of your home. Also, be sure that no one eats or drinks while sitting on upholstered chairs or couches.
  • Have your carpets cleaned before inviting guests over: What sense does this make you may ask? If your carpets are immaculate then guests will be especially careful when they are in your home. They will be so concerned about ruining your carpets that they may even choose to eat and drink in uncarpeted areas of your home.
  • Have your carpets after parties: If you’ve done all you can and your carpets are still stained and dirty after a holiday gathering, consider calling a professional to clean your carpets for you. It is best to do this as soon as possible to prevent any stains, odors, and dirt from settling in.

Cleaning Edge Inc offers professional carpet cleaning services in the Grain Valley, MO area. We can clean all the carpets throughout your home. Carpet cleaning includes stain treatments, deodorizing, applying Scotchgard to preserve carpets and repel liquids, and fluffing. We also specialize in leather cleaning. Contact us to schedule a carpet cleaning today! 


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